EDP Renewables First Utility-Scale Solar Project in Italy Begins Operation

EDP Renewables begins operation of its first utility-scale solar project in Italy, marking a major milestone in renewable energy expansion.

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Photovoltaic PV plant ground mounted with string inverters. Location: Italy

EDP Renewables Advances Renewable Energy in Italy

In the sunlit fields of Serracapriola, Puglia, EDP Renewables (EDPR) has launched its first utility-scale solar project in Italy. The Boccadoro photovoltaic project, featuring over 18,000 bifacial solar panels, captures the abundant Italian sunlight to generate 17.5 GWh of clean energy annually. This initiative will power more than 6,000 homes and eliminate over 7,000 tons of CO₂ emissions each year, embodying the promise of a sustainable future.

Pioneering Renewable Expansion

EDPR’s ambitious plans for Italy include nearly 400 MW of wind and solar projects under construction. With a target to surpass 1 GW of renewable capacity, the Boccadoro project is a cornerstone in Italy’s journey towards its PNIEC goal of 80 GW of photovoltaic capacity by 2030.

“Projects like Boccadoro accelerate energy independence and strengthen the Italian energy system. Deploying EDP’s first utility-scale photovoltaic plant in Italy is a milestone and a demonstration of our commitment to Italy’s PNIEC goals of achieving up to 80 GW of installed photovoltaic capacity by 2030”. – Roberto Pasqua, Executive Director South & East Europe at EDP Renewables.

Empowering Decentralized Solar Generation

EDPR, through EDP Energia Italia, also focuses on decentralized solar projects, having contracted over 130 MWp in self-consumption installations. These initiatives help businesses reduce energy costs while contributing to a sustainable, CO2-free future.

Global Leadership in Green Energy

Globally, EDPR stands as a leader in renewable energy with over 29 GW of installed capacity. Entering the Italian market in 2010, EDP has consistently expanded its green energy footprint, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability.

Reflecting on Italy’s Renewable Journey

As Italy embraces renewable energy, projects like EDPR’s Boccadoro photovoltaic park demonstrate the significant strides being made. These initiatives are not only pivotal for achieving national energy goals but also crucial for fostering a sustainable, eco-friendly future. How will Italy’s landscape of renewable energy evolve, and what innovations lie ahead? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo by Sungrow EMEA on Unsplash

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